Early Childhood Memory

The past two days have been a rush of pleasant memories from my childhood. The sun was out all day yesterday and again this afternoon after thunderstorms last night. Though its much chillier today. Yesterday I was in shorts, where as today I’m in jeans and a hoodie.
The warmth from the sun on my face just brings a smile to my face and an overall sense of joy inside. I go back to one day when I was very little sitting on the front step of our house. I couldn’t have been older than 4. It was a Spring day and it had just stopped raining. Just a quick little shower, not even enough to have made the step too wet to sit on. Not sure I would have cared either way. I can still smell the blacktop on the road as it dried off in the sun and feel the gentle breeze on my face.
I was sitting outside by myself. A cat walked by and played for a few minutes, but went on its way. The neighborhood was silent. Perhaps the other kids were in school. I just remember the total absence of human sound. There were birds flitting about, chirping their post rain songs and the sound of the breeze. Then I spotted a small rainbow. It was the most perfect Spring day.
Ohhhhh to have this feeling is amazing. I only wish it would last forever. I hope I can find it again at our house.


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