Progress is slow

Progress is slow on the house. This bathroom rehab has taken all of the time spent there. We knew were getting into a rehab but its the other little things that can slow a projection. Someone built the tub into the bathroom wall so the corner of the house and basically the whole bathroom was being held up by the tub. And there was a floor below the existing floor that was sitting on top of the cement crawl space area. The heat pump had a few issues to work out and the incoming water supply needed to be found. New pipes were run for the entire house with not only shut offs at the tub and sinks but Sherman did a fantastic job of setting up a supply trunk. We still need to test the septic but it looks to be in good shape and we need to find where our gray water runs to but that’s fairly easy. I’m thinking the gray water is what fills our pond. That’s just a hopeful wild guess on my part.
Maybe….. Just maybe we’ll be moving in next weekend.
Tomorrow is our first day of Spring. Its so nice to see flowers blooming and leaves popping out on trees.