I can’t explain the level of anxiety I’m at. Sherm is working so hard on the house to get us moved in, but its just not soon enough. It has nothing to do with the work that needs to be done or anything to do with Sherm…. It’s the need for more room. To have Dixie not in the same room with Sherm during the day when he’s trying to sleep and to be able to cook dinner without waking him up.

I’m on edge every minute that I’m awake. And sleep??? Well I get some from time to time. It’s hardly ever continus and then one night I’ll get 12 straight hours uninterrupted.

I can’t focus. I can’t hear people when they talk to me because my brain is rushing around on other things.


A New Chapter Begins

So we made the move from Syracuse, New York to Clarksville, Arkansas. We moved here with big plans and a semi decent budget. We now own a fully paid for, 3 bedroom home on 5 acres of land. My header picture is the view across the road from us.

One neighbor past us which seperated by some of our woods And on the other side past more of our woods is an intersection. Behind us is 100s of acres of cow pasture….. And its soooooo quiet.

We’re currently doing some renovations on the place… Well Sherm is and we have a move in time within sight! Finally! But Im not putting it out there just yet… Don’t want to jinx the progress. The house is also an hour from Clarksville where we’re staying in a cabin So tge work progress is slow. And Sherm is on 3rd shift which also ads to the delay. All and all we’re at a point where things are going to move right along.